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What if you could take Atlanta childbirth classes that would help you to look forward to your baby’s birth and tell your child one day about the positive and empowering experience childbirth can be? You can! Through these unique childbirth classes and my hypno-doula services to facilitate the techniques at your birth, my goal is to help women release fears about pregnancy and birth, instilling a lasting confidence in their ability to give birth naturally and in a much more comfortable way. I teach in a massage studio just across from Vinings Square. The location is convenient to Midtown Atlanta, Smyrna, Peachtree City and Newnan. I also serve families who live south of Atlanta near my home in East Point.

Atlanta childbirth classes Instructor Jenny Bennett
We are forever grateful for her warmth and compassion. –Matthew
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Hypnosis for Birth? Hmm...

Looking for an alternative to the epidural? Do breathing techniques seem inadequate? Hypnotherapy is growing in popularity for childbirth because it is so effective in helping moms eliminate the fear/tension/pain cycle from their births. Learn more.

will atlanta childbirth classes work for me

Will It Work For Me?

Did you know that very strong-willed people often use hypnosis most easily? Your mind is very powerful. If we can change what we believe, think & feel about childbirth (and we can with a little help), we can create a better experience. Learn more.

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Class Information

Congratulations on considering Hypnobabies for your childbirth preparation! Great work. Our classes have a high satisfaction rate because they are helping moms to make easier and more comfortable childbirth their reality.
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Why choose Hypnobabies?

  • Powerful pain elimination techniques
  • Birth partner confidence and training
  • Positions for birth, the stages of birth, and pushing techniques
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy and birth
  • The power of language in birth
  • Staying healthy and low-risk
  • So much more!

Preparing for Childbirth

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