Envision a more comfortable childbirth! Sign up for a D.C. area childbirth class in northern Virginia with Jenny, Sterling, Va. Hypnobabies instructor

What if you could take a childbirth class in a convenient Sterling, Va. location that could help you to look forward to your baby’s birth and be able to tell your child one day about the positive and empowering experience childbirth can be? You can! Through these unique childbirth classes and my hypno-doula services to facilitate the techniques at your birth, my goal is to help women release fears about pregnancy and birth, instilling a lasting confidence in their ability to give birth naturally and in a much more comfortable way. I teach childbirth class in my home in Sterling, Va. Our bright basement provides a quiet, cozy and private space for learning and relaxation.

will atlanta childbirth classes work for me

Will It Work For Me?

Did you know that very strong-willed people often use hypnosis most easily? Your mind is very powerful. If we can change what we believe, think & feel about childbirth (and we can with a little help), we can create a better experience. Learn more.

hypnobabies vs hypnobirthing

Hypnobabies vs. HypnoBirthing

Both methods hold to the philosophy that birth is normal, and in normal birth there does not always have to be pain. A few differences make Hypnobabies stand out from other hypnosis for birth programs. Learn more.



Just starting your search? What keeps you up at night? My role as an educator is to be sensitive to where you are in your learning process. Browse through some frequently asked questions and you'll feel like there's a trusted, knowledgeable friend right at your side! Get answers!

Why choose Hypnobabies?

  • Powerful pain minimization techniques
  • Birth partner confidence and training
  • Positions for birth, the stages of birth, and pushing techniques
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy and birth
  • The power of language in birth
  • Staying healthy and low-risk
  • So much more!

Preparing for Childbirth