Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing

Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing

I’m often asked if there’s a difference between Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing. Both classes hold to the philosophy that birth is normal, and in normal birth there does not always have to be pain (fear-tension-pain cycle). A few differences make Hypnobabies stand out from other hypnosis for birth programs.

1) All Hypnobabies instructors have at least 50 hours of hypnosis training as a prerequisite before they begin certification in Hypnobabies. This allows for only highly skilled instructors guiding the students to achieve the best possible results during class. The Hypnobabies scripts include medical-grade* hypnosis and are carefully crafted for birth, not for general guided meditation, with key suggestions specific to birth and the differing ways people experience it. There’s even a special track listened to only during pushing. This is not general relaxation but rather powerfully effective, targeted language that helps to change the perception of childbirth sensations.

Hypnobabies is the only program of its kind because it teaches birthing individuals how to use the same techniques that have been used by people allergic to anesthesia for pain-free dental work and surgery.

2) All Hypnobabies instructors teach much more than just hypnosis for birth techniques in their classes. The course offers both the techniques and the information in one easy-to-digest format. Why is this important?

While some birthing individuals manage their experiences beautifully through a practice of yoga, meditation or focused private hypnotherapy sessions, it is also imperative that you fully understand the physiology of the birthing process and also begin to discern how your body and birth may require choices that are different than expected.

Being educated about your options and the process of birth means you’ll be better prepared to respond to this life-changing event in a positive way.

A few examples of what we learn besides the hypnosis techniques:

  • How culture and language affect birth
  • How to enhance the provider/patient relationship
  • How to optimize the gifts your body gives you during labor through movement, massage, etc.
  • Optimal prenatal nutrition, exercise, and fetal positioning (how to tell what position your baby favors and how to encourage baby into an optimal birthing position)
  • What to expect during each stage of labor, how to time contractions (for birth partners) and other ways your birth partner or spouse can learn to support you effectively (they even get a special download for relaxation!)
  • How to set yourself up to experience birth in the most positive and peaceful way possible for you, whatever choices that may mean along the way.
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3) Hypnobabies teaches you how to use hypnosis techniques while walking, talking and moving around. Active birth is essential and those who have prepared using Hypnobabies are not expected to lie still (though they certainly can if desired).

Midwives, nurses and doctors love Hypnobabies!

Here’s a midwife sharing how she went from being a skeptic of hypnosis for birth programs to becoming a believer in Hypnobabies.

Here’s a different midwife sharing her thoughts:

I am often asked to explain Hypnobabies vs HypnoBirthing and the easiest way to explain that is to say that HypnoBirthing is a philosophy that I agree with, however Hypnobabies is a method I can sink my teeth into!

hypnobabies vs hypnobirthing