About Jenny

About Jenny Bennett, Hypnobabies Instructor

jenny bennett hypnobabies instructor

Both subtly and blatantly, birthing people are told to follow someone else’s instructions during labor: to lie down, to be still so as not to interfere with routine tasks, to be complacent, to just take the drugs (why wouldn’t you?), and to give birth by a certain date/time of day or be subjected to an artificially induced labor.

I haven’t always understood this deeply what it means to give birth on your own terms. But when I was pregnant with my first child, my intuition informed a search for something that could act as an alternative to being completely numb to the process of birth. The epidural seemed surgical. Was there a different medication? I didn’t know. I was never opposed to medications if I needed them, but knew that if I could do it without, I would.

And I did! And it was the most empowering experience of my life. I continue to reflect on it eight years later. (I gave birth again six years ago and that experience was even more empowering than the first!) So I left my corporate job to become a Hypnobabies educator and doula in order to share with other families the gift of looking forward to your baby’s birth-day without fear. Without ignoring or erasing fear, we learn how to keep it in check in a fun, positive way.

My primary goal is to give both those who benefit from medical tools during birth and those who do not – a way to step into their own confidence and power.

Together we will explore how you can participate in your care in a more fully informed and meaningful way. I teach you how to do this by offering Hypnobabies classes. Though there are many other ways to arrive at this same goal, I find Hypnobabies to be the most comprehensive and effective.

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100% of my students are given an opportunity to take ownership of their birth experience and many of them do this without the use of medication.

Cesarean rates for my students are less than 1/3 of the national average.

This is due in large part to informed provider choice as well as a commitment to preparation of mind, body and spirit during pregnancy. I also believe the presence of a doula who works as a member of your team is key to providing families with an enhanced level of nurturing support during birth and the postpartum period. Those who need or prefer a Cesarean birth will also receive the same care, calming techniques, and healing support.

My Experience

I’ve been teaching classes since 2012 and attending births since 2013. I also enjoy leading other doulas in training groups both online and in person as a DTI doula educator

I’ve supported more than 100 families on the journey. I appreciate the uniqueness – yet celebrate the universal wonder – of each new birth.

My Inspiration

My spouse of 14 years and I met in Athens, Ga. as students at the University of Georgia. With our two kids, age 8 and 6 and our 17-year-old furry friend, we recently moved to the D.C. area in Sterling, Va. I enjoy yoga, lifting weights, watching college football and traveling as much as possible. I look forward to meeting your family and serving this community!