When should I take childbirth classes?

when should i start childbirth classFAQ: When should I take childbirth classes?

You can take a childbirth class as early during pregnancy as you are comfortable with; around 26 weeks pregnant is fine, and earlier is fine too. All students leave class with a maintenance program to continue working on at home every day until their babies are born. (The more you practice/listen, the easier it is to use hypnosis for birth. The mind is lazy and likes to go back to old ways of thinking, so it needs lots of “exercise” to get in tip-top shape!) Usually students enroll in class anywhere between 20 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. My class is six weeks long, so starting by no later than 30 weeks allows at least another week to work on your maintenance program. (Thirty-seven weeks is considered “early full-term.”) Normal pregnancy lasts anywhere between 37 and 42 completed weeks. If there’s extra time beyond a week after class is finished, the maintenance program is intended for use every day until your baby is born. This reinforces everything you learned and keeps it all top-of-mind, no matter how early you enroll. Jump on it!

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