Hello! Thank you for visiting. Due summer 2021 and looking for a Hypnobabies or HypnoBirthing class? I recommend the Hypnobabies Self-Study Course for the best results when completed as directed. If you would like a live Hypnobabies class with an instructor, call Ludia at 410-956-6791. Or check out HypnoBirthing with Kristy Rodriguez or HypnoBirthing with Caroline O’Neill.

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The Hypnobabies self-study course results are excellent and you can follow the lessons on your own timeline. Although I love group classes and look forward to teaching them again soon, the Hypnobabies six-week group class / 21 hours of instruction model is no longer sustainable for my practice. To fill the need, I will begin teaching a comprehensive hypnosis for birth class later this summer. Two of my colleagues and I have banded together to create something really special! Fill out the form below if you would like to be notified when we launch.



April — FULL
May — FULL
June — FULL
July — OFF
August — 2 spaces
September — 3 spaces
October-December — OFF

Don’t see availability for your date? Check out Hello, Tapestry. With our team model, you receive excellent doula care with support for your hypno-goals.

*Since the longer you practice hypnosis for birth, the easier it gets, the Self-Study works well for students with due dates in May 2021 and beyond. It’s never too early to start practicing, especially in these times of stress.

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