Top 50 Reasons to Hire a Birth Coach (Labor Doula)

    1. She checks on you during late pregnancy, but not in a “have you had that baby yet?” kind of way.
    2. She answers your questions about birth, from early pregnancy to last-minute jitters.
    3. Instills confidence that your body knows just what to do.
    4. Makes sure you know your options within maternity care.
    5. Teaches that there are no “have-tos” in childbirth.
    6. Gives you ideas and suggestions for your birth plan.
    7. Attends prenatal appointments with you if you desire.
    8. She is specially trained to create a comfortable, peaceful and protected environment for you, your baby, and your partner.
    9. She does not replace the role of your partner.
    10. She has knowledge about what the process of birth looks like and has personal experience with birth.
    11. She is not a medical professional and that’s a good thing; that means she can focus on your emotional state and your physical comfort level rather than medical concerns.
    12. Studies have shown that births attended by a non-medical, non-relative support person have less likelihood of epidural usage, C-section, and other common interventions.
    13. She’s not your mom. (I love your mom.) But she’s not your mom.
    14. She trusts the process of birth.
    15. She has a sixth sense about your needs, anticipating them before you even have a chance to ask.
    16. She stays laser-focused on you, and if necessary, reminds the care providers what those needs are.
    17. She can give your primary birth partner (dad) a break.
    18. She knows when to step aside.
    19. She keeps a record of your birthing activity.
    20. She takes tasteful photos (or at least some, and can edit the rest) of you being supported and loved by your partner, and meeting and holding your baby for the first time – without you knowing she’s taking them.
    21. She doesn’t share these photos (or anything about your birth) without your expressed permission!
    22. Prompts you with Hypnobabies tools & techniques.
    23. Feeds you snacks, like honey to keep your energy up. (I felt like a goddess. Who says that about labor? Women who hire doulas!)
    24. Makes sure you stay hydrated.
    25. Uses comforting touch (back or foot rubs) for relaxation.
    26. Reminds you to listen to your body and follow what it’s telling you. (Might not sound important right now. Trust me, it will be.)
    27. Teaches you tricks of the trade (for pushing baby out, for instance).
    28. Doesn’t leave your side until you are comfortably resting with your baby after birth.
    29. As nurses are coming in and out of the room, she provides constant encouragement that you can do this.
    30. Employs comfort techniques such as the double hip squeeze.
    31. She asks the right questions at the right times.
    32. Uses a Rebozo.
    33. Suggests exercises to help rotate a baby into a good position for birth.
    34. Suggests position changes that might be more comfortable for you.
    35. Receives a flat fee regardless of how many hours she’s away from her family and other business opportunities in order to be at your side.
    36. Time should not be important to a birthing mother, so it is the doula’s job to act in accordance, regardless of what else may be going on in her life at the time.
    37. You are the center of her universe for as long as you need her.
    38. She makes you laugh.
    39. She knows when to be quiet.
    40. She’s proud of you no matter what.
    41. She suggests things you might not have thought of.
    42. She’ll get warm compresses for the perineum to help gently stretch the tissues.
    43. She’ll advocate for you and your baby.
    44. She stays with you until your baby’s had a chance to establish a good breastfeeding latch.
    45. She’s there for you if you want to talk to someone about your birth.
    46. She’ll answer questions you may have after your baby’s here.
    47. She may bring food after your baby’s here. (Postpartum doula)
    48. She reminds you you’re an amazing person.
    49. She reminds you you’re an amazing mom.
    50. Helps you with basic nursing and newborn care after the birth.
      reasons to hire a doula
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