Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)

My Alternative Birth Options Series: Part 3 of 4

alternativetoepiduralTENSunitThe TENS unit is a small device that emits pulses of electricity. The pads are placed on the birthing mother’s back or wherever else provides comfort for her; it is completely controlled by her. The pulses can help disrupt the brain’s ability to accept pain sensors (which is actually quite similar to the effect of learning hypnosis for childbirth) and create a massaging sensation. I think this device could be helpful, though I’ve never seen it used. It is very commonly used in the UK and Canada. There are TENS units designed specifically for labor and can be purchased or rented. In part 4 of 4, I’ll report on what I’ve learned about hospitals in the Atlanta area offering sterile water injections for back pressure during labor. (This is very effective!)

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