best hospital in loudoun to have a baby

**Post update 9/1/2017: The Natural Birthing Center at INOVA Loudoun referenced here is no longer in use. Word on the street is the hospital is looking for another midwifery group to come and use it. The Loudoun Community Midwives are now practicing exclusively at StoneSprings Hospital. From what I’ve been able to gather, this change mostly has to do with the hospital’s restriction upon the CNMs being able to attend VBAC patients at their hospital.

Although I haven’t had a baby in Loudoun, I’d like to share from a professional standpoint what constitutes excellent care and from what I’ve seen working here as a doula is the best hospital in Loudoun to have a baby.

Since everyone has their own idea of what “best” means, I write this post with the realization that Loudoun Inova is probably not the best place for every person to have a baby. For instance if you’re hoping for a vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC), Loudoun Inova just recently announced that you will not be permitted to have a midwife at your birth. That’s not cool. But if you’re deemed low-risk and healthy, working with Loudoun Community Midwives as your medical team has many advantages. This is because you can choose to have an epidural, or receive any other interventions that may be medically necessary at the hospital, or you can walk next door to take advantage of the Natural Birthing Center, which is a natural birth lover’s dream: huge tubs, a family-sized bed for birthing and immediate recovery, a kitchenette, and all the other bells and whistles like a birthing stool that can make unmedicated delivery so much easier. Not sure what type of birth you want? Read: Why natural birth?

Natural Birthing Center

One of the rooms at the Natural Birthing Center Loudoun Inova

The best hospital in Loudoun to have a baby is going to be the one which best matches your needs. If you want to be in control of your body with freedom of movement and to minimize your need for medications which can make recovery more difficult for some people, the most optimal way to achieve that is usually by hiring a doula, preparing with a thorough birthing method like Hypnobabies to allow for more comfort, and selecting midwives as your primary care provider. Midwives have safer outcomes worldwide, help to lower Cesarean rates, and they know when an OB-GYN’s expertise is needed.

If you’re not sure yet what you want your “birth plan” to look like but you consider yourself to be low-risk, give the Loudoun Community Midwives a try. Like I said, you can feel free to have an epidural with them or if you need more testing, medications, or Cesarean birth, they work collaboratively with excellent physicians and have total access to all the medical facilities you would need. If I can answer any questions about how to plan for a low-risk birth with fewer or no medications, please reach out! I would love to support you on your quest to find the best hospital in Loudoun to have a baby.


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