birthandpostpartumIf you’re exploring birth doula and/or postpartum doula services, the childbirth classes I offer (Hypnobabies six-week class series or the support sessions to complement the Hypnobabies home study program) are not a prerequisite for interviewing me to be your doula.

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What to Expect When Hiring Me As Your Doula

✪ First let’s chat! Hop on over to my Contact page and I’ll be in touch soon!
✪ Support during your pregnancy for both you and your partner begins now (available during regular business hours)
✪ One (for students) or two (for non-students) prenatal visits (approx. 1.5 hrs. each); the first will occur soon after hiring me and the second, between weeks 34-36 of pregnancy. The balance is due at the second visit unless we’ve worked out a payment plan.
✪ 24/7 on-call support begins at 37 weeks of pregnancy. This can include any combination of the following which works best for you:
✫ Support over the phone/text at any hour of the day or night during the last weeks and days of pregnancy
✫ Support over the phone/text during early labor
✫ Support in your home if you are desiring to labor there for awhile before heading to your place of birth
✫ Continuous support during your active birthing phase and for up to 1-2 hours after your baby is born; support during initial first breastfeeding if desired
✪ A postpartum visit 48-72 hrs. after your baby is born to continue providing support as you and your family adjust
✪ Additional postpartum support in the home can be provided at $45/hr. and is very flexible depending on your needs day to day, including but not limited to:
✫ Guidance as you learn newborn baby care
✫ Troubleshooting sleeping and feeding
✫ Reassurance and education around common new parent concerns
✫ An extra set of hands around the house for meal prep, a load of laundry or light housekeeping while you rest or feed the baby