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Ready to condition your mind and body for birth as you learn how to relax deeply using self-hypnosis? As you gain confidence in your body’s ability by learning alongside other parents who’ve chosen a natural birth class, your primary birth partner will be prepared for his or her role. Parents birthing by themselves, either by choice or necessity, can absolutely use the elements of the program as well. Now offering virtual classes during the pandemic.

You’ll release fears together, learn how to work with your prenatal care provider to achieve your goals, tricks for encouraging your baby into an optimal position for birth, many comfort measures for pregnancy and labor, and so much more.

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*Please note: If you have to miss a class, I’m happy to spend time with you over the phone and via email during the week to help you stay on track as best as I can.

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Top FAQs About Hypnobabies Childbirth Education

I plan to have a husband/partner present for the birth. Should he/she also come to the classes?
Yes, definitely! We have special activities in each class designed to engage partners in a very useful, fun way. That said, Hypnobabies can absolutely be completed by single parents by listening to tracks, however I definitely recommend single parents come with a support person each week. If a work schedule inhibits a partner from attending, it’s preferable to come with another person for that week so that I can focus fully on instructing the group.

I’m new to the concept of hypnosis. What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
It’s actually impossible for another person to hypnotize you, because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis! Hypnosis is a state of being that we all experience naturally, for instance daydreaming or going on “auto-pilot” while we drive somewhere we’ve driven 100 times. Another example would be getting lost in a book and failing to hear someone trying to get our attention. I will teach you how to guide yourself into this state in a very useful way!

What do we do in class?
Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course in addition to an in-depth hypnosis for childbirth program. As such, we’ll learn a lot about what the normal process of birth looks, feels, and sounds like. We’ll learn about the stages of birthing, the anatomy of childbirth and the wonder of your baby’s position. We also learn about how to identify and create your birthing preferences so that you can confidently express them to your care team. We include basic breastfeeding and postpartum care as well. Last but not least, we spend 30-40 wonderfully relaxing minutes in each class as I guide you through a hypnosis session. There will be plenty of time to practice the new skills that you will be learning, both in and outside of class, so you’ll know exactly what to do on your birthing day without even having to think about it!

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How does practice time outside of class work?
I will provide you a listening and reading schedule at the end of each class so you’ll know exactly how to stay on track. Learning hypnosis for childbirth is just like learning any new skill, it takes practice to become proficient. Practicing hypnosis is very much like physical exercise: the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You can expect to spend between 1.5 and 2 hours per day on non-class days working on your materials. Yes, it’s a lot, but I promise you there are several key ways to work this into a very busy schedule which I will not keep a secret! And the time spent is very well worth it. You only have one chance to give birth to this baby! So congratulations to you and your baby on choosing such a thorough and effective method of preparation!

What else should I know before registering?
It’s never too early in your pregnancy to begin class. After class ends you’ll have a maintenance program to work on a little every day until your baby comes to keep everything fresh. It’s also quite rarely ever too late! If you have between 6-9 weeks left from the time you start class until your estimated due date, you are highly likely to receive everything you’ll need to experience a much more comfortable, satisfying birthing.

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When you register for class, you can expect to get a confirmation within 24 hrs. via email with access to your first set of Hypnobabies mp3s: Easy, Comfortable Childbirth and Your Special Place, and you’ll be able to start enjoying relaxation right away!

I look forward to having you in class. There are many prenatal classes in the northern Virginia area, so thank you for choosing Hypnobabies. If I can answer any questions for you prior to class, don’t hesitate to let me know.