nova birthing class registrationAre you finding it difficult to commit to an extensive birthing class? Not sure it will be worth all the time? A lot of people go with the mentality that “birth plans usually go out the window.” This really hurts my heart because I know first-hand that it’s not true. It has been such a joy to see my clients transform from anxious and unsure to confident and excited. I understand all the reasons why birth plans can go awry but I also see how all of those things are so much more within our control than we are led to believe.

Instead of focusing on how much time it will take and the difficulties of work, child care, and commuting, what if you considered it a weekly mini-vacation for you and your spouse for six weeks, a relaxing way to end the day together? I promise that the soothing environment that I create for my students will be an inviting and wonderful place to learn and have fun. It will be dedicated time for just the two of you to spend together, working on building up your partnership to be able to meet the challenges of birth with a lot more ease. Have I piqued your interest?

How Do I Convince My Spouse?

My class guides you as you learn how to adopt a completely new, much more positive and effective set of beliefs about birthing class and birth. Best of all, I give you and your partner lots of tools and the knowledge to reinforce those changing beliefs. You’ll be able to talk confidently with your care providers about your plans in a productive way which doesn’t interfere with their special skills and experience. Doctors and midwives are often intrigued by the birthing plans of Hypnobabies students (hypnosis? relax? no medications?) and may take on an “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude, but let me tell you when they do see it in practice, their mouths will hang open.

So what am I talking about, exactly? I’m talking about mothers who arrive at their place of birth calm, in control, and already well dilated, usually between 4 and 9 centimeters when they arrive, making nurses’ and providers’ jobs much easier. I’m talking about partners who understand the process of birth, who know how to comfort their spouse, and who truly enjoy the experience of the birth of their child. I’m talking about “happy” babies who tolerate the process of labor very well, because they are well-oxygenated due to the calm, deep breaths their mothers are able to take while using their hypnosis skills. I’m talking about mothers who are very aware of what their bodies are doing and able to communicate freely with their support team and who remember their births in great detail and with a lot of satisfaction. And I’m talking about babies who are born alert and drug-free, ready to nurse and bond right away.

Discover Your Power! Register for Class

How is all of this possible? That’s what I will teach you in birthing class. The only catch is that it takes time, commitment, an open mind, and a willingness to try something “off the beaten path” or “outside of the box.” Only the people who will be directly involved with your labor & birth need to know about it, but I can assure you that everyone will be amazed to hear your story of an enjoyable drug-free birth after the fact. The funny part is, the skills you will learn turn out to be something you’ve already been doing your entire life, you just didn’t yet realize the power that was within you.

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