I think I was lucky. Something within me knew that I would need a doula present at my birth, even though my husband had been very attentive and supportive during pregnancy and I was confident he would be very involved during labor. I can’t even remember exactly what tipped me off as to what a doula was to begin with. Maybe I liked the idea of someone who was there to advocate for my comfort in the hospital. I also liked the idea of someone who would keep me on track with my Hypnobabies.

But I completely understand that not all women even know what a doula does, much less understand that she needs – no, deserves – her presence during labor & birth.

I think the easiest way I can answer the question as to why a doula is worth her weight in gold, is to make a list of the things my doula did for me during the births of my children.

    • Kept detailed notes on what happened during my birth.
    • Asked the right questions at the right times.
    • Took (tasteful) photos of my husband supporting me and loving me, and meeting and holding our child for the first time.
    • Prompted me with Hypnobabies tools & techniques.
    • Took a video of me so that I could see later how relaxed I really was!
    • Fed me honey sticks. 

do i need a doula

  • Kept me hydrated.
  • Provided comforting touch. (I don’t see how anyone survives labor, medicated or not, without someone who knows how to do this for another woman. Hint: many husbands do not.)
  • Reminded me to follow my body during pushing.
  • She never left my side. As nurses and midwives were coming in and out of the room, she provided constant encouragement that I could do this. I don’t even remember her ever leaving me to use the bathroom (though I’m sure she did).
  • Did the double hip squeeze.
  • Gave me her comfy slippers to wear.
  • Used the Rebozo to help re-position my son when he was posterior.
  • Suggested exercises and position changes.
  • More reasons

Each one of these acts of service has had a lasting effect on me. It’s probably why I remember each so clearly to this day, and why I will always be grateful to my doula for being with us. Ready to answer “Yes” to the question, “Do I need a doula?” Let me be your hypno-doula!



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