Does hypnobirthing work? Will it work for me?

If you’re anything like most women, you just want to know how you can make childbirth as easy and pain-free as possible. And if you’re asking “Does hypnobirthing work?,” you’re not alone.

Did you know that strong-willed people often use hypnosis most easily, and up to 95 percent of people are capable of using hypnosis?

The Hypnobabies program (completely unaffiliated with HypnoBirthing — The Mongan Method) works especially well because it facilitates a change in what we believe, think and feel about childbirth. This is so helpful for those of us who have a hard time believing we could actually experience unmedicated birth in a comfortable way. So many of us assume getting the epidural is our only option.

Hypnobabies does not claim that all women who use the program will have a pain-free birth. Some Hypnobabies moms do experience a completely comfortable birth! (A small percentage of women have no pain even without Hypnobabies [or drugs] due to physical factors largely beyond our control.) Most of us though could use a little help training our minds to help produce a positive response to the sensations of childbirth. And with Hypnobabies, around 70% of moms report that their births were very manageable without drugs and they were able to experience much of their birthing time as simply powerful pressure and not pain.

And the good news here is our minds are very powerful. What we expect is indeed what we often experience. For instance, if we visualize and expect to win a game, our chance of success is greater than if we’d spent a lot of time thinking about losing. Pretty simple, right? Hypnobabies students generally come into class with some fears and concerns in varying degrees and that’s so very normal. Students leave class having experienced a transformation; a lasting, positive change in thinking.

We also learn how much more effectively the uterine muscles can work when the body is completely relaxed. The depth of relaxation necessary is easily achieved in our class. We learn these skills in class and you practice them at home every day until your baby arrives. It’s easy, fun, and even helps women to enjoy their pregnancies more fully.

Easier and more comfortable childbirth is the clear goal of Hypnobabies, and I enjoy helping students achieve that in class and as a provider of hypno-doula services.

does hypnobirthing work

But what if I still have a problem with the idea of hypnosis?

A few additional points to consider…

  • You’re not alone! But remember, this is a natural, normal state of being.
  • Anyone who wants to use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes can. You are in control. The reason hypnosis works so well is that the mind wants to work for our highest good. All you have to do is listen to the positive suggestions and they will become more effective every time you hear them.
  • Hypnotherapy is commonly used nowadays to help those wishing to quit smoking or lose weight, and it is growing in popularity for childbirth.
  • Hypnosis for birth is not a method with which women won’t remember their babies’ births. Quite the opposite: drug-free moms have very clear memories of meeting their babies for the first time. What a wonderful gift!
  • It really does not matter what others think about how you are preparing for childbirth. It only matters how you feel about it! (And when you start this class, you’ll feel great!) These classes help moms who are uncertain about the process of birth, natural childbirth, and yes, even hypnosis for birth itself, to build confidence. Soon, you’ll be the one answering the question, “Does hypnobirthing work?” with a resounding “Yes!”