What the heck is a Bubble of Peace?

Hypnobabies moms are given several options to help keep negativity away from them during pregnancy and birth. The first is on a conscious level. To do that, she chooses to stay away from negative entertainment options, as well as people who may not be on board with her plan to birth naturally. The second is through visualization. We invite moms to create two images they can focus on at times of their choosing:

1. The Bubble of Peace. This is a protective space for mom in which she imagines everything that’s positive and safe for her. In our in-class hypnosis sessions, we create and strengthen the Bubble of Peace so that whenever she needs to feel safe and protected from anything she sees as negative, all she has to do is say those words to herself and her bubble instantly surrounds her and any negativity just bounces right off. May sound cheesy, but it really helps! The Bubble of Peace can be used:

  • At a baby shower
  • At the grocery store
  • During a prenatal visit
  • During an exam or procedure in the hospital
  • Any time you need to feel safe and protected from the crazy things people sometimes say!

2. The Special, Safe Place. This is also a wonderful place for a birthing mom to travel to in her mind whenever she desires a break from her surroundings, needs rest, or wants to bond with her baby during pregnancy or the birth process. This is surprisingly helpful because moms tune in to what their bodies and their babies may be telling them about what needs to happen during the birth. (As soon as a Hypnobabies student is enrolled in class, her instructor sends her this CD so that she can begin experiencing the benefits of visualization right away.) During Hypnobabies class her birth partner also learns the details of her Special Place so he/she will have the ability to guide her there during her birthing time if she needs them to. Hypnobabies moms go to their Special, Safe Place when:

  • They want to imagine being with their baby (helpful for bonding during pregnancy and in working with your baby during the birthing process)
  • They want to rest
  • They want to experience a very relaxing place that is catered specifically to their own unique imagination and preferences

Wishing you a peaceful pregnancy and a gentle birth,


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