How long labor lasts depends on a number of factors. But before getting freaked out by the prospect of being in labor for hours on end, I want to tell you a secret: Hypnobabies moms often report that their births were much shorter than they actually were. Why is this? In order to find out, consider signing up for class!

How long will I be in labor is a great question, and one that I certainly wanted the answer to when I was pregnant. However, I’m going to ask you three better questions.

  1. How much love and support is surrounding the birthing mother?
  2. What comfort measures are being used to keep her calm, comfortable and relaxed?
  3. How much time did she spend preparing for childbirth, through education, identifying doula support, and practicing her birth techniques?

The answers to this type of question can give us a much better picture of how likely it is that a mother will sail through her birth without ever wondering how much time has passed.

So my answer to this question is: birth will last as long as it takes mother and baby to do their beautiful dance – one that takes patience, respect, and love. Avoid fearing a particular length of time your birth will last. Instead, know that it will be the right amount of time for you and your baby. Have confidence that your baby will come to you in its own time. And if you take Hypnobabies class, be assured that by the end of our six weeks together, you will have gained the confidence and techniques you need to enjoy your baby’s birth, from the start of the first pressure waves, to the minute your baby is born!

how long does labor last

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