Were you quiet as a child, or are you a thoughtful, reflective person? Have you been called dramatic, or are you highly expressive? Is your child clingy or is he affectionate? When learning how to enjoy pregnancy, it’s often necessary to make adjustments to our thinking.

Words are incredibly powerful. They can make or break our perception.

So if we’re told in numerous ways – via cultural influence, stories we’ve heard, books we’ve read, and TV we’ve seen – that women experience odd cravings and terrible mood swings during pregnancy, and if we’re told that childbirth is a horrible experience, do you think it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? I believe it can.


What if we were told that during pregnancy, a woman’s body knows instinctively just what to eat to grow a healthy baby? If she needs more fat or dairy in her diet, she might crave ice cream or milk. If she needs more Vitamin C, it might be oranges. If she needs the salt (which she does), maybe it’s pickles!

What if we were told that a woman’s sensitivity is heightened during pregnancy, acting as a protective mechanism to her unborn child?

See what I mean?

how to enjoy pregnancy

Moms who prepare for childbirth with Hypnobabies are giving themselves a wonderful gift. One such gift within the program is a chance each day to listen to an mp3 while you’re working or resting that gives you a steady diet of positive affirmations about pregnancy and birth.

Here are just a few of my personal favorites that kept me feeling really great as a pregnant mom.

My baby is healthy and safe inside me now.
My body is nourishing my baby as I eat well.
My changing body is radiantly beautiful.
I take full ownership of my pregnancy and the birth of my baby.
I say “no” easily and confidently when I feel uncomfortable about anything.
Babies are born on their birthdays, not when doctors decide.

While these affirmations may seem a wee bit cheesy at first, I can assure you they make a huge difference in your mood! And when listened to every day, they provide an amazing foundation for the other work you will be doing in Hypnobabies to prepare for an easier, more comfortable childbirth as well, and they really help moms learn how to enjoy pregnancy.


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  1. What an incredible post on how out innate ability to thrive and flourish in our own way is directly related to our beliefs. Our thoughts are intrinsically related to how we live our lives, the outcomes and situations we find ourselves in. If this is the case in our daily lives it is even more potent within the realm of birthing.

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