what is hypnosis for birthIt’s my personal belief that each and every birthing person would benefit from hypnosis for birth training, regardless of the birth setting, preferences, or any medical need that may arise. Hypnosis is such a natural state of being that we all experience whether we recognize it or not. If you’ve ever daydreamed or “gone on auto-pilot” while doing a task, you have been in a state of hypnosis.

Although we might have negative feelings about this occurring and resist the idea of being “zoned out,” rest assured that it isn’t a faux pas. It’s just human nature and actually very healthy for your brain to take periodic rests in this way.

And so then let’s take it a step further and dispel the myth that people using hypnosis for birth are unaware of their surroundings or unable to participate fully. It is actually very much the opposite. In my classes, students learn a simple technique to instantly self-hypnotize themselves whenever they want to (which is generally during a contraction or anything else happening that would normally be perceived as uncomfortable or even very painful), and then easily switch back to a state of full awareness whenever they need or want to, generally when the contraction is over, so they can move around and interact as desired. The person gains more relaxation and comfort as a result, and this helps to eliminate or minimize fear, tension, and the unnecessary pain that comes with this fear-tension-pain cycle. Daily practice of these techniques during pregnancy is what ensures their success.

Mindfulness is a basis or a starting point for your practice. It is a helpful concept in its own right: staying present with the moment, letting go of the past, and allowing whatever has not yet happened to be off in the future, reducing anxiety and enhancing the effects of your hypnosis training. Being mindful of the moment you’re in as you use your hypnosis techniques during birth is how you will be able to focus on one birthing wave at a time, keeping a steady, even pattern with your approach.

If your interest is piqued, contact me to learn more or sign up for my Reston childbirth class beginning August 19th. Great for mid-October due dates and beyond, though there is a little wiggle room here. Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course in addition to providing in-depth hypnosis for birth techniques for you (and a partner) in a relaxed, open environment. I encourage as many questions and concerns as you need to express to feel totally confident and comfortable with your decision to prepare with this powerful program! Looking forward to meeting you.

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