What do you want your childbirth class to include? Practical information and skills to help you through the birthing process are probably what almost all expectant couples are looking for in a childbirth class. Most pregnant women begin their search for childbirth preparation classes/materials by researching ways to handle pain; some arrive at the conclusion that nothing will help (so why take a class?) and they decide to muddle through it as best they can. I can assure you, they’ll almost always come back around during their second pregnancies.

So why doesn’t Hypnobabies teach students how to merely handle or cope with the pain? (Birthing From Within, The Bradley Method, Lamaze and others all have an emphasis on pain coping.) However in Hypnobabies, we use the mind/body connection to minimize pain, and it some cases, eliminate it entirely. And thankfully, it’s not a gimmick. It’s supported by some cutting-edge science. Here is a fascinating article that speaks to the scientific premise behind the truth that the mind is capable of producing chemical changes in the body.

Your mind is divided into the conscious part – what you are reading this with – and the subconscious part – everything you’ve experienced, seen or heard in your life. Whether you’re aware of the effect of the subconscious or not, it’s there. So by using hypnosis sessions to talk to the subconscious mind (easily achieved by doing some guided yoga-style breathing and reading or listening to a special script), we can give it new ideas. (You’re always in control, as you can certainly choose not to adopt these new ideas.) Over time, the new ideas, if you choose to accept them as your own, become a new way of thinking. This is the most effective way to release fear! Ah ha!

Fear release during childbirth preparation is the most effective way to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle that is most often the cause of dysfunctional birthing. Being unafraid and empowered are two of the best benefits of attending an independent (non-hospital-based) childbirth class. Yet having a deeply engrained anticipation of pain without addressing it (hypnosis is a fast and easy way to do that), definitely has the potential to produce pain.

What should I do to make sure it’s effective for me?

  • Open your mind to the possibility of changing your beliefs about pain for your childbirth.
  • Commit to preparing exclusively with Hypnobabies.
  • Practice and listen according to the script schedule (only available in the official workbook).
  • Participate fully in the birth education component of the class.
  • Choose to rely on what you’ve learned, beginning as soon as you think your baby will be coming soon!
  • Read more on this topic, here.
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