If you’re trying to decide between enrolling in the Hypnobabies home study vs the group class, here are some pros and cons for each.

✪ Home Study Pros

✫ Some introverts will learn better this way.
✫ May be easier from a scheduling standpoint. Work at your own pace.
✫ Five weeks of devoting 1-2 hours daily vs. 3 hrs. for six consecutive weeks plus daily home practice.
✫ Partners not required to read scripts. (You listen on headphones only, although, please do not confuse this with the idea that Hypnobabies is a listening program. To get the full effect, you need a full set of materials, not just the borrowed CDs, so that you can learn and apply the program as intended.)
✫ Most affordable option.
✫ Home study students do amazingly well at their births, if they have the initiative to commit and stay on track!

✪ Home Study Cons

✫ No interaction with other expectant couples/students.
✫ May be more difficult to stay on track without accountability partners.
✫ Partner/dad support aspect is more self-driven than in the group class.
✫ No guidance from instructor (unless you choose to schedule a private session with one).

✪ Group Class Pros

✫ The fun of meeting other pregnant couples!
✫ Hands-on practice, support and time for Q&A.
✫ In-class script reading from an experienced instructor.
✫ Watching videos and live birthing rehearsal.
✫ Six consecutive weeks alongside others will help some learners retain more and benefit more from the techniques.

✪ Group Class Cons

✫ Scheduling difficulties may arise.
✫ Classes are in-depth and lengthy, at least 3 hours per class.
✫ Comfort during hypnosis scripts can sometimes be an issue in a room with others.

If you need more help deciding, feel free to contact me. If you’re ready to get started with either the Hypnobabies home study or the group class, click here.

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