I’ve seen a couple of great posts recently breaking down what a doula’s fee covers, so I thought I’d do the same thing for my Hypnobabies class.*

In six weeks you receive 18 hours of instruction. Here’s a pie chart showing (approximately) how we spend our time.


Approximately half the time (9 hours spread out amongst the six weeks) we spend preparing you with knowledge about what the normal process of birth looks like, what’s happening and will happen in your body, and how you can learn to respond to those changes in a healthy, beneficial way. Here’s more detail about what that looks like:

  • Nutrition and prenatal exercise (importance, guidelines, hands-on tools)
  • Belly mapping/optimal baby positioning
  • Physiological process and comfort measures for all:
    • Signs of labor beginning
    • Mid-stage labor
    • Late-stage labor and pushing
  • Choices in childbirth (benefits, risks of and alternatives to common procedures)
  • Birth videos and discussing what we saw and how it’s applicable
  • Surrounding yourself with a positive team and creating a positive environment and experience
  • Postpartum care for yourself and a good start with breastfeeding
  • Prenatal parenting/bonding and parenting resources

About 50 minutes per class is devoted to hypnosis. This includes 10 minutes at the beginning for a short, relaxing session to get centered and focused, and about 40 minutes at the end on a session specific to that week’s unit. Each session has wonderful, positive suggestions which help you prepare for a relaxed childbirth.

Well, relaxing in childbirth class is great for pregnancy, right, but what about birth?

We spend the remainder of our class time addressing that. You’ll learn how to use hypnosis techniques “in the moment” and your birth partner will learn special cues to help relax you, deeply and instantly, in any position you choose to be in during your birth.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention an important part of your prenatal preparation: self-study. All the topics we cover in class should be investigated further so that you can enhance your own understanding and make choices that are best for you. And, part of your “homeplay” (it’s relaxing and fun!) is working with your birth partner on the hypnosis scripts that you’ll hear me read in class. This gives you important additional time to spend together as a couple working towards an easier, more comfortable childbirth. Here’s what homeplay in our class looks like:


*Hypnobabies is its own method within the hypnosis for childbirth options. Some women who hear about HypnoBirthing assume that it’s all Hypnobabies. Read more on the differences here.

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