if i want an epidural can i do hypnobabiesWell, of course you can! You can have anything you want for your birth. (Duh.) During a Hypnobabies class, you can expect to receive information about some of the benefits of unmedicated childbirth, such as freedom of movement, and some of the risk associated with epidurals, such as a drop in blood pressure. And you will be learning pain minimization/elimination techniques, which will be oh-so-helpful during early labor if you are still at home and before an epidural can be administered. But none of that means that you have to change your plans. Because let’s be honest, every choice carries both benefits and risks; what matters is how that information applies to you and your baby.

I have been fortunate enough to see all types of birth as a doula: clients who plan to receive an epidural and things go just as planned, clients who don’t plan to get an epidural but change their minds due to a longer or more challenging labor than they anticipated, and clients who plan to get an epidural but realized they didn’t need one or that they were farther along than they realized and there was no time for one. While the majority of my clients plan to have an unmedicated birth do so with the help of their Hypnobabies techniques, there is absolutely something for everyone in this course. All of these births and choices are wonderful. It shows me how incredible birthing people are in their ability to set their intentions, visualize them, and adapt with ease if necessary. This is what life and birth are all about.

If you’re worried about not “fitting in” with classmates who are coming to learn about natural childbirth, fear not. My goal is to present neutrally and let you decide which information applies to you. We do talk about how pain-free childbirth is possible through hypnosis and other physical factors, but even those who plan on using medications will benefit from the approach. One of the most helpful things a pregnant person and the partner can both learn is how to recognize the signs of labor and when to go to the hospital. You think it will be obvious, but it’s not. We cover in detail the process of birth, what to be aware of at each stage, and how to support the birthing person with comfort measures and emotional support. Invaluable!

The bottom line is your ideal birth is something that you absolutely can plan for, and if that includes an epidural, you’ll be able to enhance that experience even more with Hypnobabies. See you in class!

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