i'm afraid of giving birth will hypnobabies help mePregnant and feeling afraid? So normal. The short answer to the question: I’m afraid of giving birth will Hypnobabies help me … is a resounding YES. Reducing fear and helping you begin to look forward to your baby’s birth is exactly what we do in our course. View dates and registration information. Ever heard the catch-phrase, “there’s an app for that”? In Hypnobabies we say, “there’s a track for that.” A Fear Clearing audio track is included, in fact. Here’s a breakdown of the other amazing program elements you’ll receive:

  • Easy, Comfortable Childbirth provides a solid introduction to the brand-new concepts you’ll be learning throughout your course. Don’t believe it? Don’t worry. By the end of the course you’ll have a whole new outlook.
  • Your Special Place guides you to a relaxing place inside your mind where you can be totally relaxed and bond with your growing baby. Connecting with your baby during pregnancy can be difficult among all the distractions of life; this track is a solution.
  • Pregnancy Affirmations helps you feel great about all the powerful changes occurring in your body. Will there still be challenging days? Sure. But listening to this track gives you a daily pick-me-up.
  • Learning Self-Hypnosis teaches you the basics. You’ll learn how to achieve self-hypnosis and a conditioned, automatic relaxation response by learning your main Hypnobabies technique, and you’ll build on it each week throughout the course.
  • Creating Anesthesia teaches you how to use the incredible power of your imagination. You’ll learn how to condition yourself to respond to the sensations of birth with powerful visualizations and a technique for increasing your comfort.
  • Deepening is the great reinforcement for everything you learn in class. This is why you’re directed to listen to it every other day and it takes you so deep into hypnosis that most people feel they’ve fallen completely asleep by the end of it. Don’t worry, your mind is still listening!
  • Hypnotic Childbirth #1 begins the process of conditioning your mind for a more detailed description of what occurs during birth. You’ll learn another very powerful technique that you’ll be able to use any time throughout your life for healing and comfort! So powerful.
  • Hypnotic Childbirth #2 continues the process of preparing you for an easier, more comfortable birth. The more powerful your birthing sensations become the more easily you respond with even deeper hypnosis using this technique designed for the moment your baby’s birth draws closer.
  • Fear Clearing see above!
  • Birth Partner, Relax and Feel Confident gives your partner an opportunity to find and release fears and stay calm, cool and collected, allowing them to be more present with you during your birth. 
  • Visualize Your Birth gives you an opportunity to “rehearse” for your baby’s birth. This is a highly effective technique that athletes, actors, and public speakers use often to help them achieve a desired outcome.
  • Birthing Day Affirmations is an awesome way to keep you feeling excited about your baby’s birthday. Listen to it any time you begin to feel birthing sensations.
  • Easy First Stage is new to you the moment you begin listening. It’s designed for your big day, so it’s a big, exciting secret! Trust me, it works.
  • Pushing Baby Out is designed to play out loud in the birthing room as you are pushing your baby out. There are no secrets about what’s on this track, but just know that it is a wonderful tool to help you cross the finish line with more ease!

If the thought of I’m feeling afraid will Hypnobabies help me had crossed your mind, I hope my post today has helped you feel a little less afraid just knowing there is a solid course available to help you prepare. I have honestly not found any course that’s as thorough and effective as Hypnobabies, and that includes other hypnosis for birth programs. And there’s more great news: in addition to all of the incredible audio tracks and written scripts listed above, our course is complete birth education so you can take your knowledge with you as you go, in addition to your techniques. We cover everything that you would get in a basic birthing class, a Lamaze or Bradley course, plus so much more. Still feeling afraid? Contact me. I’d be glad to help connect you with the services and support that resonate the most with you!

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