I talk to a lot of women who don’t fear the pain of labor so much as they are terrified of the pushing baby out part. “How am I going to get a human to come out of there?”

If you take my class you’ll hear me say again and again that Hypnobabies leaves no stone unturned, and how to push baby out in an easier, more comfortable way is no exception.

Before we talk techniques I’m going to give you the top 5 reasons our bodies are capable of pushing out whatever size baby we have grown – with minimal or no trauma. Once we get to techniques we’ll talk about ways to minimize the risk of tearing (that thing no one likes to talk about because it makes us cringe to think about).

​1) Baby fat squishes.
2) Babies know how to get into the perfect position for birth, and almost all babies rotate by themselves as they descend through the birth canal.
3) Women are capable of dilating past 10 centimeters if necessary. It’s true! Dilation is a subjective estimation of how wide the cervix is opening, and how many centimeters open a cervix is deemed to be is just one person’s assessment.
4) Hypnobabies teaches you how to visualize anesthesia flowing out in front of your baby’s head, eliminating the “ring of fire” for many of our moms.
5) Moms can “ahhh” their babies out (more on this in class).​

pushing baby out


  1. Above all, use mother-directed pushing. Moms who can feel what’s going on because they’re not numbed by an epidural are more effective pushers and they can move into positions that instinctively make more room for baby to come through the pelvis. Some moms instinctively arch their backs when pushing to make more room; others get on all fours which is an excellent position to allow maximum space.
  2. Push with your seat belt muscles. I believe this handy little trick allowed me to push out my son in about 20 minutes. You often hear care providers say “Push like you’re having a bowel movement.” Well, the only problem with that is that babies don’t actually come out of bottoms. When moms switch to pushing in front with their abdominal muscles, right where their lap belt comes across, pushing seems to become immediately more effective.
  3. “Laboring down” is a technique that was developed for epidural moms who can’t feel the urge to push, and refers to waiting until baby is at a +2 station before coaching the mom to push. Natural moms sometimes have trouble ignoring the urge to push, however Hypnobabies moms can use their powerful hypno-techniques to go completely limp and relaxed while waiting for the automatic bearing down reflex to kick in. This can save a lot of time and effort!

These are just three of the excellent tricks for pushing baby out that Hypnobabies gives its students to keep in their back pocket. For much more, click here to pre-register for class!

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