reston hypnobirthing classIf you’re looking for a Reston HypnoBirthing class, I’d love to tell you about a great option! A lot of people I speak with about the classes I offer use the name, HypnoBirthing, since that’s more familiar to them. They’ve heard good things about it and are interested in how they can have a calm, relaxed birth. There are some awesome HypnoBirthing classes offered in our area, but let me tell you about Hypnobabies, the class I teach, which I offer in Potomac Falls about 8 miles from Reston, VA.

For people who want to learn about relaxing during birth, HypnoBirthing is a key concept. It’s basically the philosophy that birth is normal, normal birth doesn’t have to include difficult pain, and that relaxation can be achieved by learning how to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle.

The fear-tension-pain cycle is an important concept, but it only takes us so far. With it can come the implication that if the birthing individual simple relaxes well enough, they’ll be able to experience birth without pain. To my knowledge, HypnoBirthing tracks and techniques may allow people to experience a light state of hypnosis, which is likely very helpful for relaxation during pregnancy and early labor. When labor sensations become more powerful during active labor, transition and pushing, the Hypnobabies program can often provide more of the in-depth hypnosis which can help these experiences to become significantly more manageable and sometimes even pain-free.

So let me explain as briefly as possible how our program works. The founder of Hypnobabies taught The Bradley Method for 10 years, which is excellent in regard to birth education. She then became a certified HypnoBirthing instructor and began to see her students experience better relaxation throughout labor but realized how much more she needed to learn about hypnosis for childbirth. She studied and developed a program which now provides a detailed and specific method for achieving a very deep state of hypnosis (called somnambulism in hypnotherapy) which helps the person in two ways: 1) During pregnancy it helps them to experience a lasting change in their entire belief system about birth. Where there once was fear and anxiety, there is now confidence and healthy excitement. 2) It helps the person go deeper within during labor. This produces one of the best satisfaction rates that currently exists in the realm of hypnosis for childbirth. Does it always produce completely pain-free birth? No. But it does allow for more comfort and easier, more satisfying birthing experiences. Birthing people learn how to use these techniques without it affecting their ability to be present and “with it” throughout their births.

If all of this sounds intriguing to you, you have two great alternatives to a Reston HypnoBirthing class, my class in Sterling as well as Amanda’s class in Centreville. We have so much support from Hypnobabies to be the very best instructors we can be, so that we’re able to offer these in-depth techniques as well as the most up-to-date birth education, helping you to make fully informed decisions and understand the birthing process better. Thanks for considering us to meet your needs!

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