Looking for new baby help in northern Virginia? Got you covered.

new baby help northern virginia
Help with your new baby (or babies) is provided in your home in northern Virginia within a 25-mile radius of Potomac Falls. New baby help is known professionally as postpartum doula support. Postpartum doulas are flexible depending on your needs day to day, including but not limited to:

✫ Guidance as you learn newborn baby care
✫ Troubleshooting sleeping and feeding
✫ Reassurance and education around common new parent concerns
✫ An extra set of hands around the house for meal prep, a load of laundry or light housekeeping while you rest or feed the baby

I suggest 2-3 shifts during the week for a minimum of 2 weeks, provided at any point during the first 6-12 weeks of your baby’s life. I strongly encourage booking during pregnancy: help and support will already be on the way as soon as you give birth! Scheduling details can always be adjusted as desired.

✫ Two 4-hr. shifts: $360
✫ Three 4-hr. shifts: $540
✫ Four 4-hr. shifts: $720
✫ Six 4-hr. shifts: $1,080

I look forward to serving you!