northern virginia weekend workshop childbirth classMy core teaching philosophy is focused on the mind-body connection through Hypnobabies, which requires a six-week (plus home practice) commitment. However, the mind-body connection as well as a host of other childbirth topics are easily covered in a 1-day intensive. For very busy couples and those uninterested in hypnosis for childbirth, I’m happy to offer a northern Virginia weekend workshop childbirth class.

In your weekend childbirth workshop we’ll cover the following “news you can use:”

  • What are the gifts my body gives me for the task of childbirth?
  • How can I understand more about how each body part (some of which you didn’t even know you had) works in a way that will benefit me?
  • How can I have a safe and satisfying birth with or without medication?
  • How can I involve my partner in preparing for birth in a way that’s sexy, fun and empowering?
  • How could I benefit from having anyone other than a doctor/nurse and spouse with me during labor?
  • How can I prepare for the new baby so that I minimize the challenges that so many families seem to experience postpartum?
  • How can I feel empowered on my parenting journey, no matter which choices I make for myself and my baby?

I’m excited about meeting new couples who can benefit from this style of class. You don’t have to bring your spouse/partner if you don’t want to, but I promise you won’t regret it if you do. If you want to register for a northern Virginia weekend workshop childbirth class, pop over here to sign up and pay. The Saturday workshop is $275 and will be from 9 until 4. Classes are held at my home studio in the Potomac Falls area. See you there!

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