Thinking of taking a hospital childbirth class? If you are drawn to preparing for childbirth in a way that emphasizes the release of fear, classes offered at the hospital (including the one ironically titled Prepared Childbirth) are simply not likely to further your goal. The information will be geared towards painting a picture of birth as the hospital staff typically sees it: managed. Managed typically means IV fluids, epidural, Pitocin and continuous EFM (electronic fetal monitoring) as a regular course, and being confined to bed typically comes along with these choices. Lying in bed for the majority or all of labor isn’t conducive to its natural, healthy progression. Sometimes there are real reasons for any or all of the above interventions, however to apply this formula to everyone isn’t beneficial and can be detrimental.

While I do think it removes some of the anxiety to tour your place of birth, I am being so bold as to say the 6 hours and $100 for a hospital class is a waste of time and money. Save your money and put it towards the cost of a much more thorough independent childbirth class. 

What you’d get out of a hospital class would partially depend on the instructor. Some instructors of this style of class may be knowledgeable about what a less managed birth looks like.

The Hypnobabies philosophy requires students to make a few tweaks to the way they talk and think about childbirth. While it’s not realistic to assume that everyone around you is going to also think that way, if a pregnant mom purposefully chooses to surround herself with the negative talk that comes along with most hospital childbirth classes, her Hypnobabies training is unfortunately in danger of regressing. Hypnobabies is a big commitment, but commitment translates to a much more thorough and effective preparation.

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