sterling VA Lamaze birthing classesHey there, parent-to-be! I bet you’ve got a lot on your to-do list, including finding and enrolling in a birth class! If you’re searching for Sterling VA Lamaze birthing classes, you’re definitely on the right track. But I want you to know how much your options have expanded since the days when our mothers and grandmothers took Lamaze! Today, Lamaze remains a “brand name” in the field of childbirth, providing solid education based on Lamaze healthy birth practices. There are many active Lamaze certified teachers and you can usually find one at your local hospital. Although Lamaze classes are typically going to provide important information, there’s actually nothing special about “Lamaze breathing” or techniques. It’s not a childbirth method as it used to be known for. If what you’re desiring is birth techniques to help you have a more natural childbirth, I highly suggest the Hypnobabies course. We provide everything that Lamaze does in the way of up-to-date information and SO much more! (As a Hypnobabies instructor and a mom who has two positive, unmedicated birth stories to share, obviously I’m biased!) If you’re looking for more testimonials, be sure to check out the Hypnobabies website and Facebook page. There are many amazing birth stories there for inspiration.

So how do you breathe in order to have a natural childbirth? Breathing comes naturally to us, but in order to have the most effective breathing during our labor process, we have to condition ourselves so that a slow, deep and relaxed style of breathing becomes an automatic response to the sensations of childbirth. You absolutely should not expect yourself to learn how to do that in a one- or two-day Lamaze birthing class. You can practice the breath, but no one should expect a person in labor to “just breathe” or “just relax” especially if they have no idea what to expect in regard to what natural birth feels like. It’s not realistic! So, what does Hypnobabies offer that helps us do this? We do breathing demonstrations in our very first class, but it’s learning how to condition ourselves for that response that really matters. And that takes practice and lots of it! If there’s one thing that Hypnobabies does that is incredibly different from other courses: it gives our students the instructions and the schedules to practice, practice, practice! And when you practice daily and follow your weekly script schedule, your practice really pays off. You learn that every single time you listen to a script or mp3 track, and every single time you use your Hypnobabies techniques, you automatically respond with the type of breathing that is exactly right for you. And this translates to a more controlled and comfortable response during birth.

So instead of enrolling in Sterling VA Lamaze birthing classes, I hope you’ll consider my Hypnobabies six-week course. If you want some more in-depth information on the benefits of taking birthing classes outside of the hospital setting, check out this post. And more information about what we cover in class is found here. Whatever you do, HAVE FUN when you attend birthing classes!

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