washington dc postpartum doula workshopWhenever I’m addressing a birth-related topic I have to decide whether to put on my doula trainer hat or my birth doula education hat. Here I’m going to look through a business and industry lens when answering the question, what is the value of taking a Washington DC postpartum doula workshop? This is actually a multi-faceted question so I’ll break this post into two parts.

Looking for a Washington DC postpartum doula workshop?

I am offering a postpartum doula workshop November 2nd through the 5th. However it’s not at all a conventional choice for someone who is looking for postpartum training because it is a combined 4-day birth & postpartum workshop. Why break from tradition to offer only combined trainings? One of the benefits of doing so is that it broadens the perspective, knowledge and sensitivities for doulas across the spectrum. Let’s say you are primarily a birth doula and have been for years, and now you’re looking to expand into postpartum work, something that can be scheduled more easily. Great! This is a viable option for you. Will the birth doula stuff be somewhat repetitive? Sure, we haven’t reinvented the wheel. But you will benefit from committing to all 4 days and in fact it’s a prerequisite to get your certification, because it is a rich learning (and teaching) experience to be surrounded by doulas of all experience levels, ages, and interests. DTI is vibrant in part because of our educational model. We do not operate from a top-down model of our trainers/educators being the only mentors our members have access to. We are stronger together and we are a very wise group of doulas. We are all mentors, just as we are all doulas at heart, and our natural gifts and areas of expertise are all unique. We encourage that knowledge, sharing and flourishing of gifts within one another. This is why we offer path 1 and path 2 certification tracks post-workshop so that even experienced doulas can benefit from our program. To learn more about it, click here.

What is the value of certifying as a doula? Like, at all?

So I recently followed some Facebook threads on this topic and it is an interesting one. If I’m someone who’s interested in birth, babies and families, can’t I attend the birth and help out in the home afterwards if I’m asked to? Of course, it’s the most natural job in the world for many of us who either have experience with it ourselves or have taken a strong independent interest in this line of work. So what is the true value of obtaining certification? Why do I need to invest money (and a lot of money at that) into training as a doula? Can’t I just go out there and do the work and learn as I go? Isn’t that what all doulas do anyway even after they’ve taken a training? Yes. But here are what I see as a few of the major benefits of making the investment:

  1. You get the opportunity to enter into an intentional time and space dedicated to community building, igniting a passion and a pathway to an experience of more than just learning but personal and professional growth.
  2. Through our program you have access to 9 months of guided mentorship and support as you gain or deepen your experience in the field. This part of our program is beneficial for all experience levels.
  3. You will gain confidence! There is simply nothing more affirming than being in a room for 4 days straight with others who share these interests. You will learn a lot, yes. But you will gain more in the form of encouragement and support than you ever realized you needed.
  4. You will experience motivation and clarification of your goals. This is related to 3. but an additional benefit or result.
  5. At the end of the 9 months you will have gained a certification that is held in high regard by other professionals. You will benefit from including the credentials in your professional communication: website, emails, and cards. And if you already have credentials from another organization, check out DTI’s mission and vision. A commitment to social justice issues is something many doulas feel strongly about, especially after they’ve gotten some experience.

If you have more questions about our training model please shoot me a message. I would be more than happy to chat. One of our goals at DTI is to offer a high-touch, user-friendly experience for all our certifying doulas. I hope to see you at the Washington DC doula workshop!

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