Washington DC Doula Training in 2020

Doula Trainings International has been offering an amazing online training program for years now. Now that we’re faced with the unique challenges of a global pandemic, the team at DTI is more grateful than ever that it’s well-established. DTI will host only online trainings through the remainder of 2020.

washington dc doula training

Doulas training in 2017

What happens when I take the Washington DC doula training and what happens after?

  • Given that DTI will not host 4-day workshops this year, all students will train and certify by participating in several elements as outlined below. But rest assured, when the world gets “back to normal,” there is a great group of DTI doulas already in the Washington DC area. I can’t wait until we can meet up face-to-face again to talk all things doula!
  • Your doula training is a semester-long during which you’ll access your coursework via the DTI Dashboard. The course includes a series of self-paced video lessons formatted for optimal online learning; a new module unlocks every 2 weeks. All videos are closed captioned. You will use a private Facebook group to connect with your instructor and classmates. The instructor will poll the group for the best available Zoom call times and set the event schedule. All calls will be recorded, so if you can’t make the scheduled times, just review the replays and let your educator know if you have any questions. During the calls, the cohort will get to know one another and will engage in a deeper dive of the content you’ve been working on that month.
  • 9 months of community mentorship follows your 3 months of training and is the backbone of the online program. This begins at the end of month 3 and includes two optional monthly Q&A sessions facilitated by a DTI educator. Most students have finished their 3-month training course and are ready to work as a doula! As you begin, you’ll be completing the required reading and essays, as well as documenting your work in the field as a doula. All virtual support can be documented to meet the requirements. Once your certification checklist is complete, you can submit your materials for approval to recieve your full-spectrum (birth + postpartum + reproductive health) lifetime doula certification. These are due 1 year after you begin your training. DTI continues to support you via its membership ($157 annually) which includes tools, resources, and community support.
  • As noted above, most DTI doulas become certified full-spectrum doulas by participating in the program. This is important for a few reasons. First, understanding the current climate around reproductive health choices is very important for all doulas. Also, being equipped to support our clients before, during and after the birth of their child helps us to be stronger as doulas in our compassion and knowledge of the way these time periods affect one another so intimately. Secondly, we benefit from the added flexibility that doulas who are trained to support at all stages will enjoy.
  • Lifetime support from the DTI membership and educator team to ensure you have what you need to thrive as a doula. Encouragement and support from the other certifying/certified doulas in your training group.
  • Assistance with building a client base, learning interviewing skills, and managing the business side of being a doula.

What’s the cost?

One full payment ($1,554.00) or 4 payments of $388.50 includes, course tuition, 12 months of community membership from your educators and classmates, plus a full year of doula membership resources to help you get started in your doula practice. Doula membership renews anually for $157, includes access to resources and all future curriculum updates, community support and much more. And you never have to re-certify! As far as start-up costs go for new businesses, this is actually a steal. Think of it as an investment that you can recoup quickly after you begin your practice. Doula support is incredibly valuable. Register here.

Why choose DTI?

DTI formed in 2011 on the premise that doulas need other doulas to thrive. Because of this, DTI is intentional about building unconditional support into its training model. DTI believes in the transformative power and impact that doulas have on all birthing people and families around the world, and DTI trusts the professional integrity of its doulas in the same way we learn to trust birthing people. DTI doulas feel very prepared to practice on their own after the completion of the program. View DTI’s Compass of Care here.

Even though DTI won’t host a Washington DC doula training this year, please consider joining this amazing and well-established online training and supportive program. There are two local educators with DTI (one in Maryland near DC) and myself, located in northern Virginia. Register here.