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I have some insider insight for you. A doula agency is not always better than a solo doula. A solo doula is not always better than a doula agency. As a consumer, maybe you don’t really care one way or the other. Maybe you hadn’t given it any thought. But if you are someone looking for a Washington DC solo doula, I want to take a couple minutes to help you in your hiring process!

I imagine that looking for a solo doula sounds appealing because of the ability to choose the person who will be at your birth, rather than being assigned a doula by the agency owner. (On the flip side of the coin, those interested in working with an agency might like the idea of having access to a wider range of services in one place, versus only labor support, for instance.)

Hand-picking your doula is a benefit of going solo, however it’s important to know that all doulas use back-up doulas from time to time. While it could be more likely that an agency will send you someone other than the doula you expect to see, that risk is not much different than if you’ve chosen a solo practice. Hand-picking your doula is actually a lot more of a sure bet when it comes to booking virtual support.

Another, unique option

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a 3rd hybrid option and share the benefits, because I am so passionate about them! In early 2020, I co-founded the doula group, Hello, Tapestry. I want to invite you to pop over and say hello to the awesome doulas there!

Hello, Tapestry exists to provide the DC community with top-notch, accessible care across the spectrum, from infertility, to reproductive choices after pregnancy, to labor, postpartum and beyond. It’s true that you can both hand-pick your doula AND that your doula will have support from other doulas, which ensures they can provide you with the highest quality care. I founded this group model because as a doula for the last 8 years, I know how much better I am at being a great doula for my clients when I have the support of my colleagues.

Hello, Tapestry has a range of services and a community-based fee structure to reach more clients than the typical Washington DC solo doula practice can reach. And the best news is, our doulas receive their full compensation, no matter what your budget can accommodate. Reach out ASAP for fall, winter and early 2021 availability. We are ready to weave our support into the tapestry of your needs.

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