What Hypnobabies Students Are Saying

“I enjoyed the experience of learning about the birthing process along with other couples. I loved that we were being equipped and empowered to guide ourselves and our baby through the birthing process.” –Alex (before birth)

“I cannot say enough about the benefits of Jenny’s Hypnobabies class and her hypno-doula services. Her positivity and commitment to us was beyond my expectations. –Alex (after birth)

“I noticed the confidence my wife has found since practicing hypnosis. The course activities (homeplay) brought us closer together as a couple.” –Matt

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“The class brought my husband and I closer together and able to have more open discussions. I enjoyed the childbirth education and learning the deep relaxation techniques.” –Amanda

Learning about the power of the mind to mitigate the discomfort of childbirth was what I enjoyed most about the class. All the information really helped me understand the birth process and being a guy, I need all the help I can get. –Mark

We are forever grateful for Jenny’s warmth and compassion, and we would gladly recommend her services to anyone considering doula services. –Matthew

This class has given me much more confidence in the birthing process by giving me the know-how to make informed decisions. It has provided much-needed relaxation throughout pregnancy, which is so important! –Audrey

This class was excellent for any expecting mom-to-be (and dad-to-be too!). You not only learn about techniques that will help you through your entire birthing experience, but you also learn more about what you are experiencing in your pregnancy and what to expect after you give birth. –Tracy

I took away a lot of deep knowledge and understanding that I will carry on with me forever. The entire experience sparked a newfound interest that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. –Annmarie (before birth)

Hypnobabies got me through natural childbirth all the way… we had it playing throughout! It was quite the experience and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. –Annmarie (after birth)

Your time, commitment and caring make a big difference and you are doing a great service. Thank you so much for being a great instructor and doula. I really think without your help I would have had another C-section. –Julie

I contacted Jenny late in my second pregnancy for Hypnobabies training and doula services. She helped me create a home study program that worked with my schedule, including one-on-one coaching and personalized support. I’m convinced that our preparations resulted in a natural and positive birth experience. Jenny’s knowledge, compassion, and flexibility are an asset to the birth community. –Hannah

My wife did an amazing job with minimal discomfort. We used choice cues like release and relax. It was working for her. I am extremely proud of her as were all the nurses and medical staff. –Thomas

Jenny was a great teacher, answering all of our questions thoroughly, reviewing from previous classes, and being patient if we ever giggled! I highly recommend taking Jenny’s class; you will learn everything you need to have a positive birth experience! –Jessica

I never thought I would feel so good and excited about giving birth. I walked away from this class with so much knowledge and now I know I can do this. Jenny was awesome and such a great resource. –Shaunte

During the birth of my first daughter I was not prepared. I knew I wanted a natural birth and that’s about it. I ended up with a host of interventions. I felt like her birth was something that was happening TO me. The birth of my son was completely different. I used my Hypnobabies skills and birthed in the water, and I felt empowered and in control. I am a huge believer in Hypnobabies! –Anna

At first my birth partner wasn’t quite on board, but now that we’ve had our little one, he’s been telling everyone about our birth saying, “It wasn’t at all like in the movies! I didn’t know [natural birth] would be that easy!” –Joanna

With Hypnobabies, it was a completely different birth experience. It’s amazing what a difference it made.” –Johnny

It gave me the confidence and knowledge to create my own beliefs about what my birth can be like instead of listening to others with negative experiences. I enjoyed that my husband was able to learn so much as well. –Ebony