whats the difference between bradley birth classes versus HypnobabiesWhat’s the difference between Bradley birth classes versus Hypnobabies? Since I’m not a Bradley instructor, if you already know you’re most interested in taking a Bradley class, I recommend reaching out to my friend Alyssa Kinney who is an instructor! She can tell you all about what’s covered in her course. The biggest practical difference is that Bradley courses are 12 weeks long and Hypnobabies courses are 6 weeks long.

One similarity is that both Bradley and Hypnobabies classes provide a comprehensive birth education. The rest of my post will focus on what concepts and techniques are unique to Hypnobabies. One reason Hypnobabies can be taught in a 6-week timeframe is that we assign coursework outside of class. You will also continue to work on this each day after class wraps up and until your baby comes. The good news is that this “work” we actually call “play,” because it’s such a positive use of your time and such an amazing gift you’re giving yourself and your baby. Your “homeplay” can be completed in approximately 1 hr. daily. The other good news is that all you have to do to complete your daily assignments is to sit or lie in a comfortable position and enjoy listening to an mp3 track or a script reading done by your partner; the other piece will be to complete reading pages in your workbook that we didn’t cover in class (usually 2-5 pages). Click here to read all about our Hypnobabies scripts and tracks.

Another piece that sets Hypnobabies apart from other birth classes is that it provides a steady stream of positive, confidence-building messages to you about childbirth, and more specifically, that you can learn how to use the power of your own mind to experience birth differently from those who do not prepare using Hypnobabies. Does everyone who takes a birth class that isn’t Hypnobabies have a bad birthing experience? Of course not. Does everyone who takes a Hypnobabies birth class have a pain-free birth? Of course not. But Hypnobabies students consistently have positive birth stories, some even pain-free, even if things get challenging. And they have stories to tell (right-hand side towards the bottom, click the different categories of birth stories to read) about how comfortable, calm and in control they felt, regardless of what was going on around them. The method for learning this is very easy and natural to learn; it doesn’t require any special skills, only the ability to listen with an open mind. And with daily practice, it’s very effective and easy to implement in all types of birth settings.

If you’re still wondering what’s the difference between Bradley birth classes versus Hypnobabies, you might also like this post and this one, which examines Hypnobabies vs. HypnoBirthing. And please feel free to contact me with other questions you may have! I’m happy to help.

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