which reston ob gyn is right for meIf you’re pregnant and looking for an OB GYN, I recommend Reston Women’s Center, also under the name of Centreville OB-GYN as they have recently opened a Reston office. Currently delivering at Inova Fair Oaks, the physicians and midwives are in the process of also getting privileges at Reston Hospital. This post will explain my reasons for making this recommendation and help you to answer the question, which Reston OB GYN is right for me?

Many pregnant women feel strongly about finding a doctor rather than a midwife to care for them and to attend their birth.

  1. What if something goes wrong?
  2. What if I want an epidural?
  3. Don’t midwives do home births and water births only?

The answer is: don’t you worry! Midwives believe in “appropriate use of interventions and technology for current or potential health problems,” including epidurals. Certified nurse midwives (CNMs) have licensure which allows them to practice in the birth setting of their choice, including hospitals. Midwives are experts in low-risk, high-touch birth and are trained to recognize signs that the expertise and skill of an obstetrician is needed, such as in the case of instrumental delivery (forceps or vacuum extraction) or Cesarean birth.

And what’s more, states with better access to midwifery care have better outcomes for moms and babies! By choosing a midwife for your care, you are sending a signal as a consumer that midwifery is important.

I do think it’s a smart idea to meet and have a physician in mind, so that if complications were to arise during pregnancy or labor, you’d feel comfortable with that transfer of care. The reason why I’ve recommended Reston Women’s Center is the aspect of collaborative care. You will benefit from the primary care of a midwife while also having easy access to higher risk care if necessary. The main benefits of having a midwife as your primary care provider are:

  1. Midwives specialize in the care of pregnant and birthing people who aren’t having any problems. This means they’re often able to spend more time than average getting to know you and your unique preferences. In contrast, OB GYNs have a wider scope which includes surgical techniques, treating infertility and other conditions, which means they may not have as much time as they would like to devote to truly specializing in low-risk care.
  2. Midwives provide as many options for you as possible. Instead of presenting one standard way of doing things, with a midwife as your primary care provider you are likely to receive information about a few different possible solutions, the benefits and risks, and the opportunity for shared decision-making. In other words, your midwife makes a recommendation and then offers you time to think about what you feel will be the best course of action for you and your baby.
  3. Midwives are skilled in resolving emergency situations, so even if something unexpected arises, you can be assured of the type of expert care you’d receive. As stated above, only the use of instrumental or surgical birth requires the expertise of an OB, other than some high-risk conditions already diagnosed prenatally, such as gestational diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction, et. al. In either case, collaborative care between physicians and midwives is the norm — even if you are giving birth in a birth center or at home — and I think this is what many people don’t realize.

In collaborative practices like Reston Women’s Center, you’ll receive access to whatever type of care you desire. This type of practice is nice because midwives and OBs work closely together, collaborating as equal partners to produce the best outcomes with the least amount of intervention possible. Interventions are always your choice to request or decline. Which Reston OB GYN is right for me? Only you can determine, but my hope is that you’ve learned something new about midwives. I’m passionate about expanding access to their care for the reason mentioned above. More information about better birth outcomes is located here. Learn more in my childbirth class!

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