A few hundred dollars for birthing classes? Why shouldn’t I just take the free or low-cost hospital class and call it a day? Why not online classes?

Online classes from the comfort of your home are appealing. I get it. (PJs and fuzzy slippers? Yes, please.) And then there’s the knock-it-out-in-one-day for under a hundred bucks philosophy. Also appealing.

But as I sit here on the other side of having birthed my children, I beg of you: please reconsider! And not just because I have a solution for you. But because I truly care, and here’s why.

  • There’s just way too much to cover in one day. (There’s even a lot to cover in six weeks!)
  • There is a direct correlation between the time you spend coming to class and practicing your techniques at home, to the likelihood of experiencing an easier, more comfortable natural childbirth.
  • You get what you pay for. If you spend $75 for the hospital class, you’re going to get $75 worth of material. And it’s not enough.
  • When you’re online, there’s no camaraderie with other people in the same stage of life as you are. This is an amazing, surprising and life-changing journey you’re about to embark upon. We’re not meant to go this alone.

Won’t my doctor tell me everything I need to know?

Birth is a normal, healthy process in the majority of cases. There are doctors and midwives who treat it as such, and there are those who treat it as a medical event in need of “fixing.” Providers who practice high-intervention care for low-risk women generally have a higher rate of unnecessary C-section. This is often caused by a domino effect which begins with standard 40-week inductions, even if mother and baby are healthy.

Unfortunately, most OBs and midwives simply do not have the time to spend educating their patients about the benefits and risks of common procedures, and no more than a handful even see the benefit of doing so. And it’s a lot to wade through on your own. So let us at Hypnobabies do the heavy lifting for you. Trust us, we excel in the field of childbirth education.

Join us in class and we will explore these issues – and so much more – during our time together, and we’ll make some good friends while we’re at it!

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