Question: Why should I take a childbirth class? I have friends who said they never used what they learned.

Birth is a powerful event, and so are the sensations associated with it, and there’s no question about that! Learning how to respond to that power in a positive way is what we do best in Hypnobabies class. You will certainly have many tools and techniques to draw from during your birth when you leave class, but even more importantly, you’ll have facilitated a change in perception about birth and actually be looking forward to the process!

The goal of Hypnobabies is easier, more comfortable childbirth. We do this by learning how to create hypnotic anesthesia in the body, by seeing, feeling, or sensing it as a powerful calming sensation where there once was stress, tension, and pain. Learning how to do this is a very easy and natural process.

We also spend a lot of time in class sorting through the consumer choices associated with giving birth (if you’ve ever seen a hospital bill for childbirth, you’ll understand why) and this helps to inform your Birth Preference list.

The time to do this research, learning and preparation is not in the delivery room. It’s important to “program” yourself ahead of time for one major reason: you have to claim this stuff for your own. Decide what you believe and have confidence in those choices. You can’t do that while you’re in labor. Women who take childbirth preparation classes but fail to take ownership of what they have learned have missed a key step.

What if what I learned in class “flies out the window”?

Although your primary birth partner will be well-prepared to support your goals after attending class, this common concern of having temporary amnesia for what you learned in childbirth class is where the help of a doula can be crucial. Having a level-headed, knowledgeable, non-relative person providing continuous support will be a life-saver, whether things go smoothly (90% of the time), or if they take an unexpected turn. When natural birth is safe to continue, a doula reminds you to believe in yourself, putting into motion the birth preferences and the skills you’ve claimed as your own. A doula always brings comfort and guides you to feel at peace with your decisions, no matter what those choices are. So while we can’t guarantee an outcome, we can support you as you learn about your options and when it’s time to give birth, we work with your team to help to facilitate a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

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